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We specialize in vintage and current baseball cards, rookies and inserts.

So Cal Sportscards

Fleer Baseball Cards for Sale

We have thousands of Vintage Topps Baseball, inserts and speciality cards. We want to have you one stop shop at So Cal Sportscards.

Click on the appropriate links on the left navigation bar for our selection of cards.

SELECTION OF ITEMS - We pride ourselves in the ability to provide you a wide selection of items at low prices. We offer over 200,000 items, ranging from 1952 Topps to current issues. We carry over 50,000 rookies, inserts and parallel items as well as oddball player items and a wide selection of items for completing sets.

MISSION - Our online store exists to please you and give you the best deal in town! If there is a card that you need and do not see it in the store, please e-mail us and we will try to fulfill your needs. Our mission statement is to provide outstanding products at reasonable prices with the utmost of customer care and service.

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Here is a sampling of what we have to offer:

1960 Fleer

1961 Fleer

1970 Fleer - World Series

1971 Fleer - World Series

1975 Fleer - Pioneers

1981 Fleer - Star Stickers

1982 Fleer - Stamps, Team Logo Stickers

1983 Fleer - Stamps, Stickers, Team Logo Stickers

1984 Fleer - Stickers, Team Logo Stickers, Update

1985 Fleer - Limited Edition, Star Stickers, Team Logo Stickers, Update

1986 Fleer - All-Stars, Future Hall of Famers, League Leaders, Limited Edition, Mini, Mini Team Logo Stickers, Sluggers/Pitchers, Star Stickers, Sticker Famous Feats, Team Logo Stickers, Update

1987 Fleer - All-Stars, Award Winners, Baseball All-Stars, Exciting Stars, Game Winners, Headliners, Hottest Stars, League Leaders, Limited Edition, Mini, Mini Team Logo Stickers, Record Setters, Sluggers/Pitchers, Star Stickers, Team Logo Stickers, Update, World Series

1988 Fleer - All-Stars, Award Winners, Baseball All-Stars, Baseball MVP's, Exciting Stars, Glossy, Headliners, Hottest Stars, League Leaders, Mini, Mini Team Logo Stickers, Record Setters, Sluggers/Pitchers, Star Stickers, Superstars, Team Leaders, Team Logo Stickers, Update, Update Glossy, World Series

1989 Fleer - All-Stars, Baseball All-Stars, Baseball MVP's, Exciting Stars, For The Record, Glossy, Heroes of Baseball, League Leaders, Superstars, Team Logo Stickers, Update, Wax Box Cards, World Series

1990 Fleer - All-Stars, Award Winners, Baseball All-Star Canadian, Baseball MVP's Canadian, Canadian, League Leaders Canadian, League Standouts, Soaring Stars, Team Logo Stickers, Update, World Series

1991 Fleer - All-Stars, Foil Team Logo Stickers, Pro-Visions, Team Logo Stickers, Update, World Series

1992 Fleer - All-Stars, Citgo The Performer, Clemens, Lumber Company, ProCards, Rookie Sensations, Smoke n' Heat, Team Leaders

1993 Fleer - All-Stars, Final Edition, Final Edition Diamond Tribute, Glavine, Major League Prospects, ProCards, Team Leaders

1994 Fleer - All-Stars, Award Winners, Golden Moments, League Leaders, Major League Prospects, ProCards, Pro-Visions, Rookie Sensations, Salmon, Sunoco, Team Leaders, Update, Update Diamond Tribute

1995 Fleer - All Fleer, All-Stars, Award Winners, League Leaders, Lumber Company, Major League Prospects, Pro-Visions, Update, Update Diamond Tribute, Update Headliners, Update Rookie Update, Update Smooth Leather

1996 Fleer - Checklists, Golden Memories, Lumber Company, Postseason Glory, Prospects, Road Warriors, Rookie Sensations, Smoke 'n Heat, Team Leaders, Tomorrow's Legends, Update, Update Smooth Leather, Update Soaring Stars, Update Tiffany, Zone

1997 Fleer - Golden Memories, Headliners, Rookie Sensations, 1997-98 Million Dollar Moments

2000 Fleer - Club 3000

2002 Fleer - Gold Backs, Rookie Flashbacks

2006 Fleer - Award Winners, Lumber Company, Smoke 'n Heat, Smooth Leather, Stars of Tomorrow, Team Leaders

2007 Fleer - Crowning Achievement, Rookie Sensations, Year in Review

2002 Fleer Authentix - Ballpark Classics

2003 Fleer Authentix - Game Jersey, Game Jersey Game of the Week, Hometown Heroes Memorabilia

2001 Fleer Authority - Diamond Cuts Memorablilia, Figures, Prominence 125/75, Seal of Approval

2001 Fleer Autographics - Silver

2002 Fleer Barry Bonds Career Highlights

2002 Fleer Box Score - Amazing Greats Single Swatch, Classic Miniatures, Press Clippings Game Used, Wave of the Future Game Used

2003 Fleer Box Score - Press Clippings Game Jersey, Wave of the Future Game Used

1999 Fleer Brilliants - Blue

2003 Fleer Double Header - Twin Bill

2000 Fleer Focus - Focal Points, Future Vision, Pocus

2001 Fleer Focus - Big Innings

2002 Fleer Focus JE - K Corps Game Used, K Corps Game Used Patch, Larger than Life Game Used

2003 Fleer Focus JE - Team Colors Game Jersey

2001 Fleer Futures - Bats to the Future Game Bat

2000 Fleer Gamers - Change the Game, Determined

2001 Fleer Game Time - Let's Play Two, Lumber, Sticktoitness

2001 Fleer Genuine - At Large, High Interest, Material Issue, Pennant Aggression

2002 Fleer Genuine - Bats Incredible Game Used, Leaders, Names of the Game Memorabilia, Touch Em All

2003 Fleer Genuine - Article Insider Game Jersey, Longball Threats Single Swatch

2000 Greats of the Game - Retrospection

2002 Greats of the Game - Dueling Dues, Dueling Duos Game Used Single, Through the Years Level 1

2004 Greats of the Game

2003 Fleer Hardball - On the Ball Game Used

2001 Fleer Legacy - Hit Kings

2002 Fleer Maximum - Americas Game Jersey

1999 Fleer Mystique

2000 Fleer Mystique - Diamond Dominators, High Praise, Rookie I.P.O., Supernaturals

2003 Fleer Patchworks - National Pastime, Numbers Game Jersey

2004 Fleer Patchworks

2001 Fleer Platinum - Grandstand Greats, Lumberjacks, National Patch Time, Parallel, Winning Combinations Blue

2002 Fleer Platinum - Fence Busters, Wheelhouse

2003 Fleer Platinum - Portraits Game Jersey

2004 Fleer Platinum - Inscribed, Portraits Game Jersey

2005 Fleer Platinum - Diamond Dominators Jersey Gold, Diamond Dominators Jersey Red

2001 Fleer Premium - Grip It and Rip It

2002 Fleer Premium - International Pride Game Used

2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th - Splendid Splinters, Threads, Yawkey's Heroes

2000 Fleer Showcase - Final Answer, Fresh Ink

2001 Fleer Showcase - Sticks

2002 Fleer Showcase - Baseball's Best

2003 Fleer Showcase - Baseball's Best Game Jersey

2004 Fleer Showcase - Grace Game Used

2005 Fleer Showcase - Autographed Legacy, Measure of Greatness Jersey Red

2006 Fleer Showcase - Fresh Ink, Stitches

2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters - Bat Chips, Knothole Gang Game Jersey

2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs - Ballpark Heroes Jersey Silver

1998 Fleer Tradition - Lumber Company, Update, Vintage '63

1999 Fleer Tradition - Millenium, Rookie Flashback, Vontage '61, Warning Track

2000 Fleer Tradition - Dividends, Glossy, Grasskickers, Ten-4, Who to Watch

2001 Fleer Tradition - Diamond Tributes, Grass Roots, Lumber Company

2002 Fleer Tradition - Diamond Tributes, Lumber Company, Lumber Company Game Bat, Update, Update Diamond Debuts, Update Grass Roots

2003 Fleer Tradition - Checklists, Game Used, Milestones

2004 Fleer Tradition - Diamond Tributes Game Jersey, Stand Outs Game Used

2005 Fleer Tradition - Cooperstown Tribute, Diamond Tributes, Gray Backs, Standouts, Standouts Jersey

2006 Fleer Tradition - Black and White

2002 Fleer Triple Crown - RBI Kings Game Used, Seasons Crown Game Used

1993 Flair - Wave of the Future

1994 Flair - Infield Power, Outfield Power, Wave of the Future

1995 Flair - Hot Gloves, Infield Power, Outfield Power

1996 Flair

1997 Flair - Showcase Row 1, Showcase Row 2, Wave of the Future

1998 Flair - Showcase Row 0, Showcase Row 1

1999 Flair - Showcase Row 3

2002 Flair - Jersey Heights, Power Tool Bats, Power Tool Bats Dual

2003 Flair - Diamond Cuts Jersey, Greats, Sweet Swatch Jersey Jumbo, Wave of the Future Memorabilia

2004 Flair - Power Tools Game Used Red

1996 Circa - Access, Boss

1997 Circa - Boss, Icons

1998 Circa - Thunder, Thunder Boss

2004 Classic Clippings

2005 Classic Clippings - MLB Game Worn Jersey Collection

1995 Emotion - Rookies

1996 Emotion - XL, XL D-Fence, XL N-Tense

1997 E-X2000 - Hall or Nothing, Star Date 2000

1998 E-X2001 - Cheap Seat Treats, Star Date 2001

1999 E-X - Century, Century E-X Quisite

2000 E-X - E-Xciting, E-X Generation E-X

2001 E-X - Wall of Fame

2002 E-X - Behind the Numbers Game Jersey, Essential Credentials Future, Hit and Run Game Bat

2002 Hot Prospects - Jerseygraphs, MLB Hot Materials

2003 Hot Prospects - MLB Hot Materials, MLB Red Hot Materials

2004 Hot Prospects - Draft MLB Hot Materials

2000 Impact - Mighty Fine in '99

1996 Metal - Universe, Universe Mother Lode, Universe Platinum, Universe Platinum Portraits

1997 Metal - Universe

1998 Metal - Universe, Universe Universal Language

1999 Metal - Universe

2000 Metal - Emerald, Fushion, Heavy Metal, Hit Machines, Platinum Portraits, Talent Show

2005 National Pastime - First Name Bases Autograph Silver, Grand Old Gamers, Historical Record Jersey, Signature Swings Gold

1998 SkyBox - Dugout Axcess, Dugout Axcess Dishwashers, Dugout Axcess Frequent Flyers

1999 SkyBox - Premium, Premium Autographics, Premium Live Bats, Premium Soul of the Game, Thunder, Thunder Hip-No-Tized, Thunder In Depth, Thunder Turbo-Charged, Thunder Unleashed

2000 SkyBox - Autographics, Dominion, Dominion Double Play, Dominion Eye on October, Dominion New Era, Dominion New Era Warp Tek, E-Ticket, Higher Level, Preeminence, Skylines, Speed Merchants, Technique

2005 SkyBox - Autographics Jerseygraphics Blue, Autographics Jerseygraphics Silver

1997 Sports Illustrated - Extra Edition

1998 Sports Illustrated - Covers, Then and Now, Then and Now Art of the Game, Then and Now Road to Cooperstown, World Series Fever, World Series Fever MVP Collection

1999 Sports Illustrated - Greats of the Game, One's To Watch

1991 Ultra - Gold, Update

1992 Ultra - All-Rookies, All-Stars, Award Winners, Gwynn

1993 Ultra - All-Rookies, All-Stars, Award Winners, Eckersley, Home Run Kings, Performers, Strikeout Kings

1994 Ultra - All-Rookies, All-Stars, Award Winners, Career Achievement, Firemen, Hitting Machines, Home Run Kings, League Leaders, Phillies Finest, Second Year Standouts, Strikeout Kings

1995 Ultra - All-Rookies, All-Rookies Gold Medallion, All-Stars, All-Stars Gold Medallion, Award Winners, Award Winners Gold Medallion, Gold Medallion, Golden Prospects, Hitting Machines, Home Run Kings, League Leaders, League Leaders Gold Medallion, Power Plus, Second Year Standouts, Strikeout Kings, Strikeout Kings Gold Medallion

1996 Ultra - Call to the Hall, Checklists, Fresh Foundations, Gold Medallion, On-Base Leaders, On-Base Leaders Gold Medallion, Power Plus, Prime Leather, Rawhide, RBI Kings, RBI Kings Gold Medallion, Respect, Rising Stars, Season Crowns

1997 Ultra - Checklists, Double Trouble, Fame Game, Gold Medallion, Golden Prospects, Leather Shop, Power Plus, RBI Kings, Rookie Reflections, Top 30

1998 Ultra - Double Trouble, Gold Medallion, Millennium Men, Notables, Power Plus

1999 Ultra - Gold Medallion, RBI Kings, World Premiere

2000 Ultra - Diamond Mine, Gold Medallion, World Premiere

2001 Ultra - Gold Medallion, Greatest Hits

2002 Ultra - Fall Classic Memorabilia, Glove Works, Gold Medallion, On the Road Game Jersey, Rising Stars

2003 Ultra - Double Up, Gold Medallion, Moonshots, Moonshots Memorabilia, Photo Effex, When It Was A Game

2004 Ultra - Season Crowns Game Used

2005 Ultra - Season Crowns Game Used Copper

2006 Ultra - Feel the Game, Fine Fabrics

2007 Ultra - Dual Materials, Dual Materials Gold, Faces of the Game Materials, Feel the Game Materials, Hitting Machines Materials, Iron Man, Rookie Autographs, Strike Zone Materials

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