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We specialize in vintage and current baseball cards, rookies and inserts.

So Cal Sportscards

Topps Baseball Cards for Sale

We have thousands of Vintage Topps Baseball, inserts and speciality cards. We want to have you one stop shop at So Cal Sportscards.

Click on the appropriate links on the left navigation bar for our selection of cards.

SELECTION OF ITEMS - We pride ourselves in the ability to provide you a wide selection of items at low prices. We offer over 200,000 items, ranging from 1952 Topps to current issues. We carry over 50,000 rookies, inserts and parallel items as well as oddball player items and a wide selection of items for completing sets.

MISSION - Our online store exists to please you and give you the best deal in town! If there is a card that you need and do not see it in the store, please e-mail us and we will try to fulfill your needs. Our mission statement is to provide outstanding products at reasonable prices with the utmost of customer care and service.

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Here is a sampling of what we have to offer:

1951 Bowman

1954 Bowman

1989 Bowman - Reprints Inserts, Tiffany

1990 Bowman - Art Inserts, Art Inserts Tiffany, Tiffany

1991 Bowman

1992 Bowman

1993 Bowman

1994 Bowman

1995 Bowman

1996 Bowman

1997 Bowman - International, International Best

1998 Bowman - International, Minor League MVP's, Scout's Choice

1999 Bowman

2000 Bowman - Early Indications, Major Power, Tool Time

2001 Bowman - Futures Game Relics, Gold, Rookie Reprints

2002 Bowman - Game Used Relics, Gold

2003 Bowman - Future Fiber Bats, Futures Game Gear Jersey Relics, Gold

2004 Bowman - Futures Game Gear Jersey Relics, Relics, Sterling

2005 Bowman - Autographs, Futures Game Gear Jersey Relics, Sterling, Sterling Refractors

2006 Bowman - Signs of the Future, Sterling, Sterling Prospects

2007 Bowman - Blue, Orange, Prospects Blue, Signs of the Future, Sterling, Sterling Prospects

2008 Bowman - Prospects, Scouts Autographs, Sterling, Sterling Prospects

2009 Bowman - Major League Scout Autographs, Prospects, Sterling, Sterling WBC Relics, Sterling WBC Relics Blue Refractors, Sterling WBC Relics Refractors

2010 Bowman - 1992 Bowman Throwbacks, Checklist, Expectations, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Prospects, Platinum Prospects Refractors Thick Stock, Prospect Autographs, Prospects, Prospects Blue, Topps 100 Prospects

2012 Bowman - Gold, International, Prospect Autographs Blue, Prospects

2014 Bowman - '89 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractors, Blue, Gold, Green, Hometown, Prospects, Prospects Autographs, Prospects Autographs Green, Prospects Black, Prospects Blue, Prospects Hometown, Prospects Orange, Prospects Silver Ice, Silver Gold

1994 Bowman's Best - Refractors

1995 Bowman's Best - Refractors

1996 Bowman's Best

1997 Bowman's Best - Best Cuts

1998 Bowman's Best - Performers

1999 Bowman's Best

2000 Bowman's Best - Previews

2001 Bowman's Best - Exclusive Autographs, Impact Players, Locker Room Collection Lumber

2002 Bowman's Best - Blue, Gold, Red

2003 Bowman's Best

2004 Bowman's Best

2005 Bowman's Best - Blue, Green

2007 Bowman's Best - Blue, Prospects

1997 Bowman Chrome - 1998 ROY Favorites, 1998 ROY Favorites Refractors, Refractors, Scout's Honor Roll

1998 Bowman Chrome - Refractors, Reprints, Reprints Refractors

1999 Bowman Chrome - Autographs Chrome, 2000 ROY Favorites, Refractors

2000 Bowman Chrome - Meteric Rise, Rookie Class 2000 Refractors

2001 Bowman Chrome

2002 Bowman Chrome - Reprints

2003 Bowman Chrome - X-Factors

2004 Bowman Chrome - Draft

2005 Bowman Chrome

2006 Bowman Chrome - Draft Draft Picks, Prospects, Prospects Refractors

2007 Bowman Chrome - Draft Future's Game Prospects, Draft Future's Game Prospects Bases, Draft Future's Game Prospects Refractors

2008 Bowman Chrome - Draft, Draft Refractors

2009 Bowman Chrome - Refractors, WBC Prospects, X-Fractors

2010 Bowman Chrome - 18U USA Baseball, Checklist, Prospects, Prospects Blue Refractors, Prospects Purple Refractors, Refractors, Topps 100 Prospects, USA Baseball, USA Stars

2012 Bowman Chrome - Franchise All-Stars, Futures Game, Prospects, Prospects Refractors, Prospects X-Fractors, Refractors, X-Fractors

2013 Bowman Chrome - Draft Top Prospects

2014 Bowman Chrome - Bowman Scout Top 5 Mini Purple Refractors, Bowman Scout Top 5 Mini Refractors, Prospects, Prospects Autographs, Top 100 Prospects

2000 Bowman Draft - Picks Autographs

2001 Bowman Draft - Futures Game Relics. Picks

2002 Bowman Draft - Freshman Fiber, Gold

2003 Bowman Draft - Fabric of the Future Jersey Relics

2004 Bowman Draft - Futures Game Jersey Relics

2005 Bowman Draft - Futures Game Jersey Relics, Signs of the Future

2006 Bowman Draft - Future's Game Prospects Relics, Gold

2007 Bowman Draft - Blue, Draft Picks Gold, Future's Game Prospects, Future's Game Prospects Blue, Future's Game Prospects Jerseys, Signs of the Future

2008 Bowman Draft - Gold, Prospects, Prospects Gold, Prospects Jerseys, Signs of the Future

2013 Bowman Draft - Draft Picks, Top Prospects

2001 Bowman Heritage - 1948 Reprints Relics, Chrome

2002 Bowman Heritage - Relics

2003 Bowman Heritage - Diamond Cut Relics, Fascimile Signature

2005 Bowman Heritage - Future Greatness Jersey Relics, Pieces of Greatness Relics

2006 Bowman Heritage - Chrome, Mini, Pieces of Greatness, Prospects, Signs of Greatness

2007 Bowman Heritage - Checklist, Mantle Short Prints, Mantle Short Prints Rainbow Foil, Pieces of Greatness, Prospects, Rainbow Foil, Signs of Greatness

1991 Stadium Club - Bars Card, Charter Member, Charter Member Nolan Ryan Bronze Medal, Club Membership Offer, Members Only

1992 Stadium Club - Bars Card, Club Membership Offer, Dome, First Draft Picks, Members Only

1993 Stadium Club - Club Membership Offer, First Day Issue, Inserts, Members Only Master Photos, Members Only, Members Only Parallel

1994 Stadium Club - Dugout Dirt, First Day Issue, Golden Rainbow, Members Only, Members Only Parallel, Team, Team Finest

1995 Stadium Club - Clear Cut, First Day Issue, Members Only 50, Members Only Finest Bronze, Members Only Parallel, Super Team World Series, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Members Only

1996 Stadium Club - Extreme Players Bronze, 1996-97 Topps Members Only 55, Members Only Parallel, Prime Cuts

1997 Stadium Club - Members Only Parallel

1998 Stadium Club

1999 Stadium Club - Never Compromise, Triumvirate Luminous

2000 Stadium Club - 3 X 3 Illuminator, Bats of Brilliance, Capture the Action, Chrome Capture the Action, Chrome Clear Shots, Chrome Clear Shot Refractors, Chrome Eyes of the Game, Chrome Visionaries, Onyx Extreme

2001 Stadium Club - Capture the Action, Diamond Pearls

2002 Stadium Club - All-Star Relics, Passport to the Majors, Reel Time, Stadium Shots, World Champion Relics

2003 Stadium Club - License to Drive Bat Relics, MLB Match-Up Dual Relics, Royal Gold, World Stage Relics

1952 Topps

1953 Topps

1954 Topps

1955 Topps

1956 Topps

1957 Topps

1958 Topps

1959 Topps

1960 Topps

1961 Topps

1962 Topps

1963 Topps

1964 Topps - Giants

1965 Topps - Embosssed Inserts

1966 Topps - Rub-Offs

1967 Topps

1968 Topps - Game Card Inserts

1969 Topps - Decals, Deckle Edge

1970 Topps - Poster Inserts, Scratch-offs

1971 Topps - Coins, Scratch-offs, Super

1972 Topps

1973 Topps

1974 Topps - Team Checklists, Traded

1975 Topps - Mini

1976 Topps - Traded

1977 Topps

1978 Topps - Zest

1979 Topps - Comics

1980 Topps - Super, Super White Backs

1981 Topps - Scratch-offs, Stickers, Super National, Traded

1982 Topps - Sticker Variations, Stickers, Traded

1983 Topps - 1952 Reprint, Glossy Send-Ins, Stickers, Traded

1984 Topps - All-Star Contest Card, Cereal, Glossy All-Stars, Glossy Send-Ins, Rub Downs, Stickers, Super, Traded

1985 Topps - 3-D, Glossy All-Stars, Glossy Send-Ins, Rose, Stickers, Super, Traded, Winning Pitch Game Card

1986 Topps - Glossy All-Stars, Glossy Send-Ins, Mini Leaders, Stickers, Super, Tiffany, Traded, Wax Box Cards

1987 Topps - Coins, Glossy All-Stars, Glossy Send-Ins, Mini Leaders, Rookies, Stickers, Stickers (Test hard back version), Traded, Traded Tiffany

1988 Topps - Big, Coins, Gallery of Champions, Glossy All-Stars, Glossy Send-Ins, Mini Leaders, Revco League Leaders, Rite-Aid Team MVP's, Rookies, Spring Fever Baseball Contest Card, Stickers, Sticker Backs, Tiffany, Traded, Traded Tiffany, UK Mini's, UK Mini's Tiffany, Wax Box Cards

1989 Topps - Ames 20/20 Club, Award Winners, Big, Cap'n Crunch, Coins, Doubleheaders All-Stars, Glossy All-Stars, Glossy Send-Ins, Hills Team MVP's, Mini Leaders, Rookies, Spring Fever Baseball Contest Card, Stickers, Sticker Backs, Tiffany, Traded, Traded Tiffany, UK Mini's, Wax Box Cards

1990 Topps - Ames All-Stars, Big, Coins, Debut '89, Doubleheaders, Glossy All-Stars, Glossy Send-Ins, Heads Up, Hills Hit Men, Mini Leaders, Rookies, Sticker Backs, Stickers, Tiffany, Traded, 1990-93 Topps Magazine

1991 Topps - Archives 1953, Cracker Jack I, Cracker Jack II, Debut '90, Desert Shield, Instant Win Game Card, Micro, Rookies, Stand-Ups, Tiffany, Traded, Triple Headers, Wax Box Cards

1992 Topps - Debut '91, Gold, Gold Winners, Kids, Match the Stats Game Card, McDonald's, Micro, Traded, Traded Gold

1993 Topps - Black Gold, Gold, Inaugural Marlins, Inaugural Rockies, Micro, Pre-Production, Traded

1994 Topps - Archives 1954, Archives 1954 Gold, Black Gold, Gold, Pre-Production, Spanish, Traded, Traded Finest Inserts

1995 Topps - Cyber Season in Review, Cyberstats, D3, D3 Zone, Embossed, Embossed Golden Idols, Pre-Production, Traded

1996 Topps - Laser, Laser Bright Spots, Mantle, Mickey Mantle Last Day, Mantle Tribute Card, Profiles

1997 Topps - All-Stars, Mantle, Mantle Finest, Mays, Sweet Strokes

1998 Topps - Clemente Finest, Clemente Tribute, Inaugural Devil Rays, Inaugural Diamondbacks, Minted in Cooperstown, Mystery Finest, Rookie Class, Tek

1999 Topps - All-Matrix, Lords of the Diamond, New Breed, Picture Perfect, Power Brokers, Power Brokers Refractors, Record Numbers, SuperChrome, Traded, Traded Autographs

2000 Topps - All-Star Rookie Team, All-Topps, Combos, Hands of Gold, Home Team Advantage, Limited, Limited Mark McGwire 1985 Reprint, Limited 21st Century, Limited Aaron, Limited All-Star Rookie Team, Limited All-Topps, Limited Combos, Limited Hands of Gold, Limited Oen the Game, Limited Perennial All-Stars, Limited Power Players, Own the Game, Perennial All-Stars, Power Players, Tek Dramatek Performers, Traded, Traded Autographs

2001 Topps - A Look Ahead, A Tradition Continues, American Pie, American Pie Decade Leaders, American Pie Profiles in Courage, American Pie Relics. American Pie Rookie Reprint Relics, American Pie Timeless Classics Relics, American Pie Woodstock Relics, Before There Was Topps, Combos, Gold, Golden Anniversary, Noteworthy, Reserve, Reserve Checklist, Reserve Game Jerseys, Reserve Rookie Autographs PSA Graded, Through the Years Reprints, Traded, Traded Gold, Traded Relics, Traded Rookie Relics, Traded Who Would Have Thought, Tribute Game Bat Relics, What Could Have Been

2002 Topps - 1952 Reprints, 1952 World Series Highlights, 1952 World Series Ticket to History, 206, 206 Relics, 206 Team 206, All-World Team, Autographs, Checklist, East Meets West, Gold, Hobby Masters, Logo Cap Offer, Own the Game, Pristine, Pristine Fall Memories, Pristine in the Gap, Pristine Personal Endorsements, Pristine Popular Demand, Pristine Portions, Reserve, Reserve Uniform Relics, Ring Masters, Summer School Hit and Run Relics, Summer School Two Bagger Relics, Team Sticker, Ten, Ten Autographs, Ten Relics, Total, Total Award Winners, Total Production, Total Team Checklists, Total Topps, Traded, Traded Gold, Traded Signature Moves, Traded Tools of the Trade Relics, Tribute

2003 Topps - 205 Relics, 205 Triple Folder Brooklyn, 205 Triple Folder Polar Bear, Blue Backs, Blue Chip Autographs, Box Bottoms, First Year Player Bonus, Gold, Hit Parade, Hobby Masters, Own the Game, Pristine Bomb Squad Relics, Pristine Borders Relics, Pristine Factor Bat Relics, Pristine Personal Endorsements, Record Breakers, Record Breakers Relics, Retired Signature Autographs Refractors, Traded Future Phenoms Relics, Traded Transactions Bat Relics, Traded Transactions Dual Relics

2004 Topps - All-Star Stitches Jersey Relics, All-Time Fan Favorites, Checklist, Clubhouse Relics, Cracker Jack, Cracker Jack Checklist, Cracker Jack 1-2-3 Strikes You're Out Relics, Cracker Jack Mini, Cracker Jack Mini Blue, Cracker Jack Mini Stickers, Cracker Jack Take Me Out to the Ballgame Relics, Gold, Hit Parade, Own the Game, Presidential Pastime, Pristine Fantasy Favorites Relics, Pristine Going Going Gone Bat Relics, Pristine Personal Endorsements, Traded, Traded Future Phenoms Relics, Traded Puzzle, Traded Transactions Relics, World Series Highlights

2005 Topps - All-Star Stitches Relics, All-Time Fan Favorites, All-Time Fan Favorites Refractors, Barry Bonds Home Run History, Cracker Jack Secret Surprise Mini Autographs, Cracker Jack Take Me Out to the Ballgame Mini Relics, Factory Set Draft Picks Bonus, Pack Wars Relics, Pristine, Pristine Personal Pieces Common Relics, Update, Update All-Star Stitches, Update Checklist, Update Gold, Update Washington Nationals Inaugural Lineup

2006 Topps - #NNO 2 Tickets MLB Game Exchange, 2K All-Stars, 52, 52 Chrome, 52 Chrome Refractors, 52 Debut Flashbacks, 52 Dynamic Duos, 52 Signatures, Autographs Green, Checklist, Co-Signers, Declaration of Independence, Factory Set Rookie Bonus, Gold, Mantle Collection, Mantle Home Run History, National Baseball Card Day Inserts, Own the Game. Rookie of the Week, Update, Update 1st Edition, Update All Star Stitches, Update Barry Bonds 715, Update Checklist, Update Gold, Update Rookie Debut

2007 Topps - 1st Edition, 52, 52 Signatures, Alex Rodriguez Road to 500, All Stars, Checklist, Co-Signers, Co-Signers Gold, Co-Signers Hyper Silver Bronze, Co-Signers Red, Co-Signers Solo Sigs, DiMaggio Streak, Distinguished Service, Factory Set Rookie Bonus, Flashback Fridays, Generation Now, Generation Now Vintage, Gibson Home Run History, Gold, Highlights Relics, Hit Parade, Mickey Mantle Story, Moments and Milestones, Moments and Milestones Black, Own the Game, Red Back, Red Sox, Target Factory Set Mantle Memorabilia, Target Factory Set Red Backs, Trading Places, Triple Threads Sepia, Unlock the Mick, Update, Update 1st Edition, Update All-Star Stitches, Update Gold, Wal-Mart, Williams 406

2008 Topps - 50th Anniversary All Rookie Team, Campaign 2008, Checklist, Co-Signers, Co-Signers Dual Autographs, Co-Signers Silver Blue, Gold Foil, Highlights Autographs, Highlights Relics, Historical Campaign Match-Ups, Moments and Milestones, Moments and Milestones Milestone Autographs, Moments and Milestones Rookie Autographs, National Baseball Card Day, Own the Game, Retail Relics, Sterling Framed White, T205, Target Factory Dick Perez Art, Trading Card History, Update, Update Checklist, Update World Baseball Classic Preview, Year in Review

2009 Topps - 206, 206 Bronze, 206 Checklists, 206 Mini Cycle, 206 Mini Framed Autograph, 206 Mini Old Mill, 206 Mini Piedmont, Career Best Relics, Gold Border, Legends of the Game, Ring Of Honor, Ticket to Stardom Ticket Stubs Plus Memorabilia, Ticket to Stardom Ticket Stubs Plus Memorabilia Dual, Topps Town, Topps Town Gold, Update, Update Gold Border, Update Propaganda, Wal Mart Black Border

2010 Topps - 2020, Attax Code Cards, Cards Your Mom Threw Out, Cards Your Mom Threw Out Original Back, Commemorative Patch, Factory Set Retail Bonus, Gold Border, History of the Game, History of the World Series, Legendary Lineage, Legends Platinum Chrome Wal Mart Cereal, Mickey Mouse All-Stars, Million Card Giveaway, Peak Performance, Red Back, Tales of the Game, Ticket to Topps Town, Update, Update Attax Code Cards, Update Gold, Update More Tales of the Game, Update Target, Vintage Legends Collection, When They Were Young

2011 Topps - 60, 60 Autographs, 60 Relics, 60 Years of Topps, 60 Years of Topps Original Back, 60th Anniversary Reprint Relics, Before There Was Topps, Black, CMG Reprints, Cognac Diamond Anniversary, Commemorative Patch, Diamond Anniversary, Diamond Anniversary Factory Set Limited Edition, Diamond Die Cut, Diamond Duos, Diamond Duos Relics, Diamond Duos Series 2, Diamond Giveaway, Diamond Stars, Glove Manufactured Leather Nameplates, Gold, History of Topps, Hope Diamond Anniversary, Kimball Champions, Lineage, Lineage 1975 Mini, Lineage 1975 Mini Relics, Lineage 3-D, Lineage Autographs, Lineage Cloth Stickers, Lineage Diamond Anniversary Platinum Refractors, Lineage Diamond Anniversary Refractors, Lineage Rookies, Lineage Stand-Ups, Lineage Venezuelan, Lost Cards, Lost Cards Original Backs, Silk Collection, Stickers, Target, Target Hanger Pack Exlcusives, Target Red Diamond, Topps Town, Topps Town Series 2, Update, Update All-Star Stitches, Update Black, Update Cognac Diamond Anniversary, Update Diamond Anniversary, Update Diamond Duos, Update Gold, Update Hope Diamond Anniversary, Update Next 60 Autographs, Update Target Red Border, Update Topps Town, Value Box Chrome Refractors

2012 Topps - American League All-Stars Topps, National League All-Stars Topps, 1987 Topps Minis, A Cut Above, Black, Career Day, Classic Walk-Offs, Gold, Gold Futures, Gold Sparkle, Gold Standard, Gold World Series Champion Pins, Golden Greats, Golden Moments, Golden Moments Autographs, Golden Moments Die Cuts,  Golden Moments Relics, Golden Moments Relics Gold Sparkle, Golden Moments Series 2, Historical Stitches, Mound Dominance, Retired Number Patches, Silk Collection, Stickers, Target Red Border, Timeless Talents, Update, Update All-Star Stitches, Update Black, Update Blockbusters, Update Blockbusters Commemorative Hat Logo Patch, Update Gold, Update Gold Hall of Fame Plaque, Update Gold Sparkle, Update Golden Debut Autographs, Update Golden Moments, Update Printing Plates Yellow, Update Target Red Border, Wal Mart Blue Border

2013 Topps - 1972 Topps Minis, Calling Cards, Camo, Chase It Down, Chasing History, Chasing History Holofoil, Chasing History Holofoil Gold, Chasing the Dream, Chipz, Chipz Glow in the Dark, Chipz Gold, Chipz Magnets, Chipz Silver, Cut To The Chase, Emerald, Gold, Making Their Mark, Manufactured Commemorative Patch, Manufactured Commemorative Rookie Patch, Mini, Mini Black, Mini Chasing History, Mini Gold, Mini Pink, Mini Printing Plates Cyan, Mini Printing Plates Magenta, Mini Printing Plates Yellow, Mini Relics, Stickers, Target Red Border, Update, Update 1971 Topps Minis, Update All Star Game MVP Commemorative Patches, Update Camo, Update Emerald, Update Franchise Forerunners, Update Gold, Update Pink, Update Postseason Heroes, Update Rookie Commemorative Patches, Update Target Red Border, Wal Mart Blue Border, WBC Stars

2014 Topps - 50 Years of the Draft, '89 Die Cut Minis, All Rookie Cup, Before They Were Great, Before They Were Great Gold, Black, Breakout Moments, Camo, Class Rings Gold, Clear, Future Stars That Never Were, Future Stars That Never Were Gold, Gold, Gold Label, Green, Manufactured Commemorative Team Logo, Mini, Mini Autographs, Mini Black, Mini Gold, Mini Pink, Mini Printing Plates Cyan, Mini Relics, Mini The Future is Now, Pink, Power Players, Printing Plates Yellow, Red Foil, Rookie Reprints Framed Black, Rookie Reprints Framed Gold, Topps Saber Stars, Saber Stars Autographs, Silk Collection, Sparkle, Stickers, Strata Autograph Relics, Super Veteran, The Future is Now, The Future is Now Autograph Relics, Trajectory Relics, Trajectory Relics Gold, Update, Update All-Star Stitches, Update All-Star Stitches Gold, Update Black, Update Camo, Update Clear, Update Fond Farewell Autographs, Update Fond Farewells, Update Gold, Update Pink, Update Power Players, Update Printing Plates Cyan, Update Red Hot Foil, Update Target Red Border, Update World Series Heroes, Update World Series Rings Silver, Upper Class, Upper Class Relics, Wal-Mart Blue Border, Yellow

2015 Topps - Archetypes, Baseball History, Black, Career High Autographs, Career High Relics, Clear, First Pitch, Framed, Free Agent 40, Future Stars Pin, Gallery of Greats, Gold, Highlight of the Year, Inspired Play, In The Name Relics, Platinum, Rainbow Foil, Stickers

2006 Topps Allen and Ginter - Checklist, Dick Perez Sketches, Mini, Mini A & G Back, Mini Black, Relics

2007 Topps Allen and Ginter - Dick Perez, Mini, Mini A and G Back, Relics,

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter- Checklist, Mini, Mini A and G Back, Mini Ancient Icons, Relics, United States

2009 Topps Allen and Ginter - Mini, Mini Black, National Pride, Relics

2012 Topps Allen and Ginter - Baseball Highlights Sketches, Historical Turning Points, Mini, Mini A and G Back, Mini Black, Mini Culinary Curiosities, Mini Giants of the Deep, Mini Man's Best Friend, Mini Musical Masters, Mini No Card Number, Mini People of the Bible, Mini World's Greatest Military Leaders, Relics, What's in a Name, World's Tallest Buildings

2014 Topps Allen and Ginter - The Pastime's Pastime

2001 Topps Archives- Bucks, Reserve

2002 Topps Archives- Autographs, Reserve, Seat Relics

2012 Topps Archives- 3-D, Autographs, Cloth Stickers, Deckle Edge, Gold Foil, Relics, Reprints, Stickers

2013 Topps Archives - 1972 Basketball Design, 1983 All-Stars, Fan Favorites Autographs, Four-In-One, Gallery Of Heroes, Gold, Heavy Metal Autographs Metal, Mini Tall Boys, Relics, Triumvirate

2014 Topps Archives - '69 Deckle Minis, '71-72 Hockey, '87 All-Stars, Fan Favorites Autographs, Gold, Major League, Relics, Silver, Stadium Club Firebrand, The Winners Celebrate Box Topper

1996 Topps Chrome - Masters of the Game, Refractors, Wrecking Crew

1997 Topps Chrome

1998 Topps Chrome - Refractors

1999 Topps Chrome - Refractors

2000 Topps Chrome - All-Star Rookie Team, All-Topps, New Millennium Stars, Own the Game, Own the Game Refractors

2001 Topps Chrome - Retrofractors, Traded, Traded Retrofractors

2002 Topps Chrome - 5-Card Stud Aces Relics, 1952 Reprints, Gold Refractors, Summer School Battery Mates Relics, Traded, Traded Black Refractors, Traded Refractors

2003 Topps Chrome - Record Breaker Relics

2004 Topps Chrome - Fashionably Great Relics, Town Heroes Relics

2005 Topps Chrome - A-Rod Throwbacks, Checklist, The Game Relics, Update

2006 Topps Chrome - United States Constitution Refractors

2007 Topps Chrome

2008 Topps Chrome - 50th Anniversary All Rookie Team

2009 Topps Chrome - Blue Refractors, Refractors, World Baseball Classic, World Baseball Classic Blue Refractors

2010 Topps Chrome - Checklist, Purple Refractors, Refractors, Target Exclusive Refractors, X-Fractors

2012 Topps Chrome - Dynamic Die Cuts, Gold Refractors, Purple Refractors, Refractors, Rookie Autographs, X-Fractors,

2013 Topps Chrome - Chrome Connections Die Cuts, Orange Refractors, Refractors, Update, Update Black Refractors, Update Gold Refractors, Update All-Star Stitches Chrome, Update Postseason Heroes Chrome

1996 Topps Gallery

1997 Topps Gallery

1999 Topps Gallery

2000 Topps Gallery - Exhibits, Heritage

2001 Topps Gallery - Bucks, Checklist, Heritage, Heritage Game Jersey, Star Gallery

2002 Topps Gallery - Bucks, Checklist, Heritage, Heritage Uniform Relics, Veteran Variation 1

2003 Topps Gallery - Artist's Proofs, HOF, HOF ARTifact Relics, HOF Artist's Proofs, Originals Bat Relics

1998 Topps Gold Label - Class 1, Class 2

1999 Topps Gold Label - Class 1

2000 Topps Gold Label - Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, End of the Rainbow, Prospector's Dream, The Treasury

2001 Topps Gold Label - Class 1, Class 1 Gold, Class 2, Class 2 Gold, Class 3, Class 3 Gold, MLB Award Ceremony Relics

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Framed Mini Relics, Future Stars, Glove Stories, Hallmark Heroes, Mini, Mini Gypsy Queen Back, Mini Straight Cut Back, Moonshots, Sliding Stars

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen - Dealing Aces, Debut All Stars, Framed Blue, Framed Mini Relics, Framed White, Glove Stories, Mini, Mini Black, Mini Red, N174 Gypsy Queen, Relics

2001 Topps Heritage - Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then and Now

2002 Topps Heritage - Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then and Now

2003 Topps Heritage - Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then and Now

2004 Topps Heritage - Checklist, Chrome, Chrome Refractors, Clubhouse Collection Relics, Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then and Now

2005 Topps Heritage - Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then and Now

2006 Topps Heritage - Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then and Now

2007 Topps Heritage - Clubhouse Collection Relics, Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then and Now

2008 Topps Heritage - 2008 Flashbacks, Black Back, Chrome, Chrome Refractors Black, Clubhouse Collection Relics, High Numbers Then and Now, Real One Autographs, Rookie Performers,

2009 Topps Heritage - Baseball Flashbacks, Chrome, Clubhouse Collection Relics, New Age Performers, News Flashbacks, Then and Now

2010 Topps Heritage - Baseball Flashbacks, Chrome, Chrome Refractors, New Age Performers, News Flashbacks

2011 Topps Heritage - 1962 Advertising Panel, 50th Anniverary BuyBacks, Baseball Bucks, Baseball Flashbacks, Black, Checklist, Chrome, Chrome Green Refractors, Chrome Refractors, Clubhouse Collection Relics, Flashback Stadium Relics, Green Tint, New Age Performers, News Flashbacks, Real One Autographs, Real One Autographs Red Ink, Then and Now, Topps Stamps, Triple Stamp Box Topper

2012 Topps Heritage - 1963 Buybacks, Advertising Panels, Baseball Flashbacks, Chrome, Chrome Black Refractors, Chrome Refractors, Clubhouse Collection Relics, New Age Performers, News Flashbacks, Real One Autographs, Stick-Ons, Then and Now

2013 Topps Heritage - 1964 Buybacks, Advertising Panels, Baseball Flashbacks, Chrome, Chrome Purple Refractors, Chrome Refractors, Clubhouse Collection Relics, Framed Stamps, Memorable Moments, Mini, New Age Performers, News Flashbacks, Real One Autographs, Real One Autographs Red Ink,Then and Now, Venezuelan

2014 Topps Heritage - 1965 Buybacks, Advertising Panels, Baseball Flashbacks, Chrome, Chrome Black Refractors, Chrome Purple Refractors, Chrome Refractors, Clubhouse Collection Relics, First Draft, Mini, New Age Performers, News Flashbacks, Real One Autographs, Then and Now

2015 Topps Heritage - 1966 Buybacks, Advertising Panels, Chrome, Blue Back, Chrome Refractors, Chrome Black Refractors, Gum Stained Back, Chrome Purple Refractors, Mini, Baseball Flashbacks, News Flashbacks, Clubhouse Collection Relics, Clubhouse Collection Relics Gold, New Age Performers, Heritage Then and Now, Real One Autographs, Real One Autographs Red Ink

1995 Topps Opening Day

1999 Topps Opening Day

2001 Topps Opening Day

2002 Topps Opening Day

2003 Topps Opening Day - Stickers

2012 Topps Opening Day - Blue, Elite Skills, Fantasy Squad, Mascots, Stars, Superstar Celebrations

1998 Topps Stars - Bronze, Gold, Silver

2000 Topps Stars - All-Star Authority, Progression, Walk of Fame

2001 Topps Stars - Game Gear Jerseys, Gold, Onyx, Player's Choice Awards, Progression

2005 Topps Turkey Red - Black, Red, White

2006 Topps Turkey Red - Relics

2007 Topps Turkey Red - Relics

2009 Topps Turkey Red

2010 Topps Turkey Red

1993 Finest

1994 Finest - Refractors

1995 Finest - Bronze, Flame Throwers

1996 Finest - Finest Refractors

1997 Finest - Embossed

1998 Finest - No-Protectors, No-Protectors Refractors, Refractors

1999 Finest - Double Feature, Leading Indicators

2000 Finest

2001 Finest - Autographs, Moments

2003 Finest

2004 Finest - Relics

2007 Finest - Rookie Photo Variation

2008 Finest - Refractors

2010 USA Baseball

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