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We specialize in vintage and current baseball cards, rookies and inserts.

So Cal Sportscards

Upper Deck Baseball Cards for Sale

We have thousands of Vintage Topps Baseball, inserts and speciality cards. We want to have you one stop shop at So Cal Sportscards.

Click on the appropriate links on the left navigation bar for our selection of cards.

SELECTION OF ITEMS - We pride ourselves in the ability to provide you a wide selection of items at low prices. We offer over 200,000 items, ranging from 1952 Topps to current issues. We carry over 50,000 rookies, inserts and parallel items as well as oddball player items and a wide selection of items for completing sets.

MISSION - Our online store exists to please you and give you the best deal in town! If there is a card that you need and do not see it in the store, please e-mail us and we will try to fulfill your needs. Our mission statement is to provide outstanding products at reasonable prices with the utmost of customer care and service.

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Here is a sampling of what we have to offer:


1989 Upper Deck - Mini Silver Foil Team Sticker

1990 Upper Deck - Jackson Heroes, Mini Silver Foil Team Sticker

1991 Upper Deck - Aaron Heroes, Aaron Hologram, Comic Ball, Comic Ball Holograms, Comic Ball 2, Comic Ball 2 Holograms, Final Edition, Ryan Heroes, Silver Foil Team Sticker, Silver Sluggers, SP1 Michael Jordan, SP2 Nolan Ryan/Rickey Henderson

1992 Upper Deck - Bench/Morgan Heroes, Comic Ball 3, Comic Ball 3 Holograms, FanFest, Gold Foil Team Sticker, Heroes Highlights, Home Run Heroes, Minors, Minors Player of the Year, Minors Top Prospect Holograms, Scouting Report, Silver Foil Heroes of Baseball Sticker, Team MVP Holograms, Williams Best, Williams Hologram, Williams Heroes

1993 Upper Deck - All-Time Heroes, Clutch Performers, Diamond Gallery, Fifth Anniversary, Future Heroes, Iooss Collection, Mays Heroes, On Deck, SP5 George Brett/Robin Yount, SP6 Nolan Ryan, Then And Now, Triple Crown

1994 Upper Deck - All-Time Heroes, All-Time Heroes 125th Anniversary, Electric Diamond, Mantle Heroes, Minors, Minors Player of the Year

1995 Upper Deck - Checklists, Electric Diamond, Minors, Minors Future Stock, Minors Michael Jordan One on One, Ruth Heroes, Special Edition, Special Edition Gold, Steal of a Deal, Trade Exchange

1996 Upper Deck - Diamond Destiny, Future Stock Prospects, Hot Commodities, Predictor Hobby, Ripken Collection, V.J. Lovero Showcase

1997 Upper Deck - Hot Commodities, Predictor, Rock Solid Foundation, Star Attractions

1998 Upper Deck - 10th Anniversary Preview, Retro, Rookie Edition Preview, Special F/X Power Zone Power Driven

1999 Upper Deck - 10th Anniversary Team, Challengers for 70 Challengers Inserts, Encore McGwired, Forte, HoloGrFX, HoloGrFX AuSOME, HoloGrFX Future Fame, HoloGrFX Launchers, HoloGrFX Launchers Gold, HoloGrFX StarView, MVP, MVP Dynamics, MVP Power Surge, MVP Scout's Choice, MVP Silver Script, MVP Super Tools, MVP Swing Time, Ovation, Retro, Retro Inkredible, Textbook Excellence, Victory, View to a Thrill, View to a Thrill Double

2000 Upper Deck - 2K Plus, Cooperstown Calling, e-Card, Faces of the Game, Five-Tool Talents, Gold Reserve, Gold Reserve 24-Karat Gems, Hit Brigade, Hitter's Club, Hitter's Club Accolades, Hitter's Club Epic Performances, Hitter's Club Eternals, Hitter's Club Generations of Excellance, Hitter's Club on Target, Hot Properties, Legends, MVP, MVP Draw Your Own Card, MVP Drawing Power, MVP Game Used Souvenirs, MVP Prolifics. MVP Pure Grit, MVP Scout's Choice, MVP Second Season Standouts, Ovation, Pennant Driven, People's Choice, Power Rally, Pros and Prospects, Pro and Prospects ProMotion, Statitude, Victory, Yankees Legends, Yankees Legends Golden Years, Yankees Legends Murderer's Row, Yankees Legends New Dynasty

2001 Upper Deck - Big League Beat, Decade 1970's, Decade 1970's Arms Race, Decade 1970's Bellbottomed Bashers, Decade 1970's Disco Era Dandies, Decade 1970's Dynasties, Decade 1970's Game Bat, Decade 1970's Super Powers, e-Card, Evolution, Hall of Famers, Hall of Famers 20th Century Showcase, Hall of Famers Class of '36, Hall of Famers Endless Summer, Hall of Famers Gallery, Hall of Famers Game Bat, Hall Of Famers Game Jersey, Home Run Derby Heroes, Legends, Legends Fiorentino Collection, Legends Legendary Game Jersey, Legends Legendary Lumber, Legends of NY, Legends Reflections in Time, Midseason Superstar Summit, Midsummer Classic Moments, Minors Centennial, Minors Centennial Signatures, MVP, MVP Drawing Power, MVP Super Tools, Ovation, Ovation A Piece of History, People's Choice, Pinstripe Exclusives DiMaggio, Pinstripe Exclusives Mantle, Pros and Prospects, Pros and Prospects Franchise Building Blocks, Pros and Prospects Game Used Dual Bat, Pros and Prospects Ichiro World Tour, Pros and Prospects Specialty Game Jersey, Pros and Prospects Then and Now Game Jersey, Prospect Premieres, Prospect Premieres Heroes of Baseball Game Bat, Prospect Premieres MJ Grandslam Game Bat, Rookie Update Ichiro Tribute, Rookie Update USA Touch of Gold Autographs, Superstar Summit, Victory, Victory Glory Days, Vintage Matinee Idols

2002 Upper Deck - 2001 Greatest Hits, 40-Man, 40-Man Electric, 40-Man Electric Rainbow, 40-Man Looming Large Jerseys Gold, 40-Man Mark McGwire Flashbacks, AL Centennial Memorabilia, All-Star Home Run Derby Game Jersey, All-Star Salute Game Jersey, Big Fly Zone, Breakout Performers, Championship Caliber, Chasing History, Combo Memorabilia, Diamond Connection, Diamond Connection Bat Around Quads, Double Game Worn Gems, First Timers Game Jerseys, Game Worn Gems, Global Swatch Game Jersey, Honor Roll, MVP, MVP Game Souvenirs Jersey, Ovation, Ovation Diamond Futures Jersey, Ovation Lead Performer Jerseys, Ovation Silver, Ovation Swatches, Peoples Choice Game Jersey, Prospect Premieres, Prospect Premieres Heroes of Baseball, Return of the Ace, Rookie Update Star Tributes, Rookie Update USA Future Watch Swatches, Sons of Summer Game Jersey, Superstar Summit I, Superstar Summit II, UD Plus Retail, Victory, Victory Gold, Vintage, Vintage Night Gamers, Vintage Sandlot Stars, World Series Heroes

2003 Upper Deck - AL All-Star Swatches, Big League Breakdowns, Chase for 755, Classic Portraits Stitches, Finite, Finite Elements Game Jersey, Finite Stars and Stripes Game Jersey, First Pitch, Game Face, Game Face Gear, Game Swatches, Honor Roll Dean's List Jerseys, Leading Swatches, Mid-Summer Stars Swatches, MVP, MVP Express Delivery, MVP SportsNut, National Pride Memorabilia, Play Ball 1941 Reprints, Play Ball Game Used Memorabilia Tier 1, Prospect Premieres Game Jersey, Standing O, Standing O Die Cuts, Standing O Starring Role Game Jersey, Star-Spangled Swatches, UD Superstar Slam Jerseys, Victory, Victory Tier 1 Green, Vintage, Yankees Signature Pride of New York Autographs

2004 Upper Deck - Authentic Stars Jersey, Etchings Game Bat Blue, First Pitch, Headliners Jersey, Matsui Chronicles, National Pride Jersey 1, National Pride Memorabilia 2, Play Ball, r-class, r-class Jersey, Vintage, Vintage Stellar Stat Men Jerseys

2005 Upper Deck - Classics, ESPN, ESPN Sports Center Swatches, ESPN Web Gems, First Pitch, Flyball, Game Jersey, Hall of Fame Seasons Autograph, Marquee Attractions Jersey, Matinee Idols Jersey, MVP, MVP Batter Up!, MVP Jersey, Origins Jersey, Pro Sigs, Pro Sigs Signature Sensations, Pros and Prospects Signs of Stardom, Season Opener MLB Game-Worn Jersey Collection, Trilogy, Trilogy Generations Future Materials Silver, Trilogy Generations Present Materials Silver, World Series Heroes

2006 Upper Deck - Amazing Greats Materials, Epic, First Pitch, Future Stars, National Baseball Card Day National Pastime, Ovation, Ovation Apparel, Special F/X Materials, Special F/X Purple, Special F/X Special Endorsements, Star Attractions Swatches, Team Pride Materials, UD Game Materials

2007 Upper Deck - Elements Elemental Autographs, Elements Essential Elements, First Edition, Future Stars, Future Stars All Star Futures Signatures, Goudey, Goudey Memorabilia, Goudey Red Backs, Holiday Inn, MLB Rookie Card of the Month, MVP Predictors, Spectrum, Spectrum Swatches, Spectrum Swatches Gold, Star Signings, UD Game Materials

2008 Upper Deck - 20th Anniversary Hobby Previews,Ballpark Collection, Documentary, First Edition, First Edition Jerseys, First Edition Star Quest, Goudey, Goudey Autographs, Goudey Hit Parade of Champions, Goudey Memorabilia, Heroes, Heroes Jersey Black, Heroes Jersey Charcoal, Heroes Jersey Light Blue, National Baseball Card Day, Premier, Premier Blue, Premier Signature Premier Gold Jersey Number, Signature Sensations, Spectrum, Spectrum Green, Spectrum Retrospectrum Swatches, Spectrum Spectrum Swatches Light Blue, Star Quest, Timeline, Timeline 1992 UD Minor League Autographs, Timeline 1995 SP Top Prospects Autographs, UD Game Materials, X, X Memorabilia, X Signatures, X Xponential, X Xponential 2, X Xponential 3, Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection

2009 Upper Deck - Ballpark Collection, Goodwin Champions, Goodwin Champions Autographs, Goodwin Champions Memorabilia, Goodwin Champions Mini, Goodwin Champions Mini Black Border, Goudey, Goudey Memorabilia, Goudey Mini Navy Blue Back, Icons, Icons Icons Jerseys, Inkredible, Signature Stars USA By the Letter Autographs, Signature Stars USA Star Prospects Jerseys, Spectrum Spectrum Swatches Light Blue, Starquest Common Silver, UD Game Jersey, UD Game Jersey Dual, UD Game Jersey Triple, UD Game Materials, USA National Team Jersey Autographs, USA National Team Jerseys, X

2010 Upper Deck - Signature Sensations, UD Game Jersey

1999 Ultimate Victory - Tribute 1999

2000 Ultimate Victory


1993 SP - Platinum Power

1994 SP - Holoviews

1995 SP - Championship, Platinum Power, Silver

1996 SP - Special FX

1997 SP

1998 SP - Authentic, Sheer Dominance, Top Prospects

1999 SP - Authentic, Signature Autographs, Top Prospects, Top Prospects Chirography

2000 SP - Authentic Chirography, Top Prospects Chirography, Top Prospects Game Used Bats

2001 SP - Authentic, Authentic Cooperstown Calling Game Jersey, Authentic UD Exclusives Game Jersey, Game Bat Edition Lumber Yard, Game Bat Edition Piece of the Game, Game Bat Milestone, Game Bat Milestone Art of Hitting, Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action Bound for the Hall, Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action International, Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action Milestone, Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action Quads, Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action Trios, Game Bat Milestone Slugging Sensations, Game Bat Milestone Trophy Room, Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric, Legendary Cuts, Legendary Cuts Debut Game Bat, Legendary Cuts Game Jersey, Top Prospects Chirography, Top Prospects Game Used Bat

2002 SP - Authentic, Authentic Game Jersey, Authentic Prospects Signatures, Legendary Cuts, Legendary Cuts Game Bat, Legendary Cuts Game Jersey

2003 SP - Authentic

2004 SP - Authentic, Authentic Future Watch Autograph, Authentic Future Watch Autograph 195, Authentic Game-Dated, Authentic USA Signatures 445, Game Used Patch World Series, Prospects Autograph Bonus, Prospects National Honors USA Jersey

2005 SP - Authentic Honors Jersey, Authentic Jersey, Authentic Jersey Gold, Authentic Signature

2006 SP - Authentic

2007 SP - Authentic, Authentic Authentic Speed, Authentic By the Letter Rookie Signatures Full Name Redemptions, Rookie Edition, Rookie Edition Autographs

2008 SP - Authentic, Legendary Cuts, Legendary Cuts Destination Stardom Memorabilia, Legendary Cuts Destined for History Memorabilia, Legendary Cuts Generations Dual Memorabilia

2009 SP - Authentic By The Letter Signatures, Authentic Copper, Authentic Signatures, Legendary Cuts Destined for History Memorabilia


1998 SPx - Finite, Finite Radiance, Finite Spectrum1999 SPx - Power Explosion

2000 SPx - Winning Materials Update

2001 SPx - Winning Materials Update Duos, Winning Materials Update Trios

2002 SPx - SuperStars Swatches Silver, Winning Materials 2-Player Jersey Combos

2004 SPx - Swatch Supremacy Signatures Young Stars

2005 SPx - Jersey Spectrum

2006 SPx

2007 SPx - Winning Materials 175 Blue, Winning Materials 199 Bronze, Winning Materials 199 Gold, Winning Materials 199 Silver, Winning Materials Dual Silver

2008 SPx - Silver

2009 SPx - Game Jersey


2005 Artifacts - AL/NL Artifacts

2006 Artifacts - Auto-Facts Signatures, MLB Game-Used Apparel

2007 Artifacts - Antiquity Artifacts, Antiquity Artifacts Patch, Autofacts, Divisional Artifacts, Divisional Artifacts Gold, MLB Apparel, MLB Apparel Gold, MLB Apparel Limited

1999 Black Diamond - Double

2000 Black Diamond - A Piece of History, Diamonation, Rookie Edition, Rookie Edition Diamonation, Rookie Edition Gallery, Rookie Edition Gold, Rookie Edition Might

1994 Collector's Choice - Gold Signature, Silver Signature, Team vs. Team

1995 Collector's Choice - Crash the Game, Crash the Game Gold Exchange, Gold Signature, SE, SE Gold Signature, SE Silver Signature, Silver Signature, Trade Cards

1996 Collector's Choice - Crash the Game, Gold Siganature, Silver Signature, You Make the Play, You Make the Play Gold Signature

1997 Collector's Choice - All-Star Connection, Big Shots, Big Shots Gold Signatures, Premier Power

1998 Collector's Choice - Mini Bobbing Heads, StarQuest, StarQuest Double, StarQuest Single, Stick 'Ums

2006 Exquisite Collection

2007 Exquisite Collection - Rookie Signatures

1993 Fun Pack - NNO Hot Shots Card, All-Stars, Mascots

1994 Fun Pack

2009 O-Pee-Chee - Materials

2005 Origins - Materials Jersey, Old Judge, Old Judge Autographs, Old Judge Materials Jersey

2004 Reflections - Gold, Gold Rookie Autograph 125

2005 Reflections - Fabric Jersey

2001 Sweet Spot

2002 Sweet Spot - Classics, Classics Game Bat, Swatches, USA Jerseys

2003 Sweet Spot - Signatures Blue Ink, Swatches, Sweet Beginnings 75

2004 Sweet Spot - Classic, Signatures, Sweet threads

2005 Sweet Spot - Classic, Signatures Red Stitch Black Ink, Sweet Threads

2006 Sweet Spot - Signatures Red-Blue Stitch Black Ink, Super Sweet Swatch, Update

2007 Sweet Spot - Classic Classic Memorabilia, Sweet Swatch Memorabilia

2008 Sweet Spot - Swatches

2009 Sweet Spot - Swatches

1992 Triple Play - Gallery

1993 Triple Play - Gallery, League Leaders, Nicknames

1994 Triple Play - Bomb Squad

1995 UC3 - Artist's Proofs, Cyclone Squad, In Motion

1999 UD - Choice, Choice StarQuest, Choice Starquest Green, Ionix, Ionix Hyper, Ionix Nitro

2000 UD - Ionix, Ionix Atomic, Ionix Awesome Players, Ionix BIOrhythm, Ionix Pyrotechnics, Ionix Reciprocal, Ionix Shockwave

2001 UD - Reserve, Reserve Ball-Base Duos, Reserve Big Game, Reserve Game Jersey Duos, Reserve New Order, Reserve Royalty

2002 UD - Authentics, Authentics Heroes of Baseball, Authentics Retro Star Rookie Jerseys, Authentics Reverse Negative Jerseys, Authentics Reverse Negative Jerseys Gold, Authentics Stars of 89 Jerseys, Minor League, Minor League Game Jerseys, Piece of History, Piece of History Batting Champs, Piece of History ERA Leaders, Piece of History Hitting for the Cycle, Piece of History MVP Club, Piece of History MVP Club Jersey

2003 UD - Authentics Star Quality Memorabilia, Patch Collection

2004 UD - Diamond All-Star, Diamond All-Star Future Gems Jersey, Diamond All-Star Promo, Diamond Pro Sigs, Yankees Classics

2005 UD - All-Star Classics, All-Star Classics Midsummer Swatches, Portraits Scrapbook Materials

2007 UD - Black Game Day Ticket Autographs, Masterpieces Captured on Canvas, Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Signatures

2008 UD - A Piece of History, A Piece of History Box Score Memories Jersey Red, A Piece of History Franchise History Jersey Red, A Piece of History Rookie Autographs, A Piece of History Timeless Moments Jersey, Masterpieces, Masterpieces Captured on Canvas

2009 UD - A Piece of History Stadium Scenes Jersey

1997 UD3

1998 UD3 - Die Cuts

2003 Ultimate Collection - Dual Patch, Game Jersey Tier 2, Signatures

2004 Ultimate Collection - Achievement Materials, Signatures

2005 Ultimate - Signature Cy Young Dual Autograph

2006 Ultimate Collection

2007 Ultimate Collection - America's Pastime Signatures, Ultimate Star Materials

2005-06 USA Baseball - Junior National Team Signature Black

2008-09 USA Baseball - Chinese Taipei Jerseys
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